Anxiety in Chapel Hill

Americans are more stressed out than ever, just living their regular lives. If you are trying to accomplish goals that use your creativity and logical thinking, this can demand even more brain power. If you suffer from the erratic monkey mind of anxiousness or the slow, sluggish brain of burn-out your brain is telling you it is not performing the best that it can. If you don’t have any outward negative symptoms but feel that your brain could perform better, a Brain Map can identify the missing link.

Solutions in the Brain for Anxiety & Peak Performance – Neurological Regulation

When a brain has been in an anxious state for a long time, it will naturally protect itself by down shifting into a slower, more depressed state. Anxiousness and anxiety are one side of the coin with burn out and depression on the other. They are two phases of an ongoing neurological dysregulation problem. If you are unable to shake the anxiousness or burn-out feelings, then you brain is stuck in dysregulated pattern.

At Chapel Hill Brain Centre the experts can identify which phase your brain is in and how the brain can be regulated back to a healthy, optimal state. Once the brain is regulated you can feel balanced and truly well and get on with creating a life that makes you feel vibrantly alive.

Many business people, artists, musicians and athletes use Neurofeedback as part of their regular training to stave off anxiety and keep their brain performing in the “Zone”.