Take our ADHD quiz and see if your child might qualify for our care. If your child is diagnosed with ADHD or if you are like many parents who are not sure if their child qualifies, call us, we can help.

At Chapel Hill Brain Centre we will help you change your child’s life path. Our highly trained doctors will conduct a comprehensive brain-based assessment to determine the root of your child’s attention and behavior challenges and then will guide you in making the best decisions for your child’s long term success.

If you are serious about helping your child with ADHD overcome his challenges without depending on medication for the rest of his life, call us today and we will help you get started.

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The following ADHD quiz is based on a highly standardized, normed professional test. The quiz is a series of 18 yes or no questions to see if your child is at-risk of ADHD.

Is the following issue a problem for your child?

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