What Parents are Saying About Neurofeedback

“I wanted to let you know that Marco did fabulously well at Nina’s birthday party last Saturday. It was at BounceU (lots of giant bouncy houses, stimulation, etc.) and there were 20 kids ranging in age from 4-6 (a few babies and 8 yr. olds, too). He didn’t play specifically with anyone for long, but he interacted and did not have any conflicts or times when he was out of control. I did not police him once during the bouncing. In the party/food room afterwards he sat at the table the whole time and ate and was in control of himself the entire time. Then we came home and he watched Nina open all of her gifts without getting upset that there weren’t any for him. I had him read her cards out loud to her and tell me who the gifts were from. Then he sat and built a Lego set for several hours until bed. A very impressive day!”by E.M. (Marco, age 6)
“The parent of one of Jim’s friends shared with me that her son noticed that Jim had become more outgoing and was making new friends at school. Thank You!”by N.G. (Jim, age 15)
“My son Pete did not want to take medication. He has been off meds. since starting Neurofeedback and his grades have been good. He has less frustration and better concentration while doing his homework.” by C.S. (Pete, age 13)
“I’m happy we chose Neurofeedback as a way for Frankie to improve and regulate himself.”by M.B. (Frankie, age 9)

CogMed Success Stories

Many parents say that their child or teen….

• communicates better,
• is more focused,
• shows more initiative in chores & homework,
• is more organized,
• is neater in their room & their grooming,
• remembers directions & routines better,
• has better frustration tolerance & fewer meltdowns,
• has improved test performance,
• has greater self-confidence.

Many adults say that they….

• are more organized,
• get to work and meetings on time,
• remember better,
• think matters through more thoroughly,
• concentrate better on work tasks,
• have increased productivity,
• feel calmer,
• feel more in control.

What Teachers Are Saying About CogMed

“A result of using CogMed that I have seen in most students is one that I refer to as them overcoming some “learned helplessness.” Cogmed gives them the practice in learning how to ignore internal distractions and get mentally ready for the next exercise. This gives the student the confidence and mental stamina to attempt cognitively effortful tasks.”Grace Ashton, Ph.D.
One student who quietly worked through the Cogmed training without offering much feedback was enthusiastic about the results, she said. “He said, ‘This was so cool, and I’m really glad I did it.’ When I asked him what he would tell other students considering Cogmed, he said, ‘Oh, man, I would tell them to do it.’”Rhonda Cunnigham

BrainWare Safari Success Stories

What Parents Are Saying About BrainWare Safari

“Whereas before Philip would come home and want to do other things because homework was too hard or would take too long. Now he comes home and does it. And the best part is his grades have improved.”by Mary H. (Philip, Age 10)
“Before BrainWare Safari, Adam used to drift away a lot and get distracted when he was doing challenging problems, especially in math. Now he’s more focused. We’re really pleased with that. It’s a wonderful program.”by Harlan K. (Adam, Age 12)
“It’s been a phenomenal experience to watch both children go through BrainWare Safari, especially Brianna. Brianna was having some challenges in school, and after she completed BrainWare Safari, she made the honor roll, which has been exciting and a very proud moment for me as a father.”Patrick T. (Brianna, Age 8, and Angela, Age 10)
“BrainWare Safari is a miracle. I would have paid anything for it, now that I have seen what it can do to help my son grow his brain right before my eyes. I am confident that it will transform his academic failure into brilliant success.”by Chana F., Israel

What Professionals Are Saying About BrainWare Safari

“Almost nothing I have seen has the ability to develop the cognitive skills that kids need to be able to think and plan. When I saw BrainWare SAFARI, I was really impressed. I am endorsing it wholeheartedly because it works and because I think it is what we really need for our kids.”Pat Wolfe, EdD, Author of Brain Matters