The Double Standard of Addiction

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People in general like to reserve the idea of addiction for others. If you look deep inside yourself, I am sure you can identify your own addictions. The easy ones to spot, and arguably the most prevalent, are coffee, alcohol, sugar, food, working out, sex, TV, and video games. I am guilty of a few of those, how about you?

Now here is the problem with addictions, they are actually undermining your ability to obtain the desired outcome. In a great book by Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath, he talks about alcohol consumption and it costs and benefits to the person. In moderation, about a drink per day, the rewards of red wine are there for the person. Red wine not only has health benefits in low amounts but also relaxes the person and gives them a sense of euphoria produced by a dopamine (and other chemical) releases within the brain and body. However, in excess the brain and nervous system are hijacked, producing less dopamine and thus less of the positive effects and pushing the person to consume more and more to gain the same feel good rewards.

What to do to keep addictions at bay?

Understand that the greatest rewards, and enjoyment, are reaped from anything when they are enjoyed in moderation. If you are seeking a real big dopamine rush and the residual high, get out there and do something new and truly exciting. Take up parasailing, ninjitsu, or SUP boarding to level the chemical rush in your brain and the positive impact on your body.

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