Do Stimulant Medications Cause or Lessen Anxiety?

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Do Stimulant Medications Cause or Lessen Anxiety?

It depends….

A qEEG brainmap can tell how a child’s brain is operating. ADHD is high use of slow energy, basically the brain is shutting itself down into a sleepy mode. That is why stimulants work to perk up the brain and speed up its processing speed for 6-8 hours so the child can function better in the classroom. Anxiety is an opposite brain pattern, too much fast energy. The brain is speeding in the background. Many kids have both, either because the brain compensates for the sow energy by trying to produce more fast energy, or because dealing with ADHD for most of their lives has actually stressed that child out. If the child’s brain has the profile for anxiety, stimulant medication (which is 1 molecule different from Cocaine) will significantly increase anxiety and anxious behaviors in the person. I see it in the office all the time and parents do not know that these behavior are side effects of the medication, they think they are new behaviors associated with ADHD. The big ones that I see most often are excessive, nervous spitting caused by dry mouth and anxiousness, vocal ticks, the need to take deep breaths, difficulty sleeping and general uneasiness.

Why would anxiety decrease due to stimulant medications. Anxiety could go down for the kids that did not originally have the brain pattern for anxiety. It would go down because if the child only had the profile for ADHD, when their brain is sped up by the meds then they can focus and attend and get their work done faster, decreasing their stress overall.

What to do?

Get qEEG brain map for your child before you give them a stimulant medication. Once you know if the anxiety profile is active in your child’s brain you can anticipate some of the side effects  the medications may produce. If you do not want to give your child a Class II narcotic because of its high potential for addiction and abuse, like many parents, you can seek out alternative treatment in the form of Neurofeedback Find a Board Certified Neurofeedback practitioner who can guide you toward permanent brain changes.

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